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Micah Baginski

Specialties: Listing Agent,Consulting,Commercial R.E.,Notary

As a Developer – I live to create something better. I am inspired by blank canvases, empty lots, dilapidated buildings, and business opportunities. As a Connector – I was able to draw on my development contacts to pursue a 600 acre parcel for development into a solar farm. I used my connector strengths to bring the parties together to negotiate the project terms. As a Leader – I was looked to for day to day leadership in navigating the development hurdles for 11 urban infill projects with a team of talented people while Operations Manager for LJ Urban. Enterprising – I am a self-starter with a desire to profit from a road less traveled. Realistic – My education and foundation in my career in construction management have forged in me the skills necessary to set attainable goals and measure success against the target.

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