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Micah Baginski

Micah is the son of a cabinet maker who grew up in Sacramento. He left to study Construction Management and Urban Development at OSU and Portland State University. He came back from Oregon with a passion for ecologically-sensitive development and was able to be part of a start-up development company which developed the first LEED Neighborhood Design development in the country. He is using this experience and applying it to every project we work on, whether its a family buying their first home or a developer selling new infill housing in Sacramento, all is seen through this lens.

Micah’s superpower is the ability to see through walls. He can walk into a house and know how well it was built, how it has faired over time, and how it will perform in the future.

Superpower he wishes he had….to be able to tell the future. Can anyone say housing bubble ’09?

A perfect day is Sacramento would include a morning bike ride on the incredible Sacramento bike trail, meeting his wife and kids for lunch at Dad’s Kitchen for a killer sandwich and a beer, an afternoon reading by the river with a date night with his wife Emily most likely at One Speed or Three Sister’s.

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