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Being a neighbor means being an optimist

Being a part of the neighborhood is more than where you live. It’s your place in the city. It’s where you fit. The place that connects you. Soak it in.

What does being a neighbor mean to you? Being a neighbor means being an optimist. A part of something bigger than yourself. Being a neighbor is believing in your community, making a commitment to a place, not just on paper but conceptually too. This place is for belonging. The faces of your neighbors are a reliable truth.

They are the strangers who aren’t so strange, and who become the friends who live close by. Being connected by proximity, transforms into something that isn’t just proximity.

It’s that common thought, that goal, you know the one. Your vision for the future that you believe in together. For a better tomorrow. Connected by an urban framework, the neighborhood is the source of electricity for the city. And neighbors are the spark.

Neighbors are what keep the city living and breathing. Neighbors make the neighborhood a little more alive. Every connection made is a conductor that propels our city forward. Accept the challenge, push the boundaries, break down those walls.

Cities are for people – meant to bring people together. Our stories are all different but whether you’re from here, moved here for work, love or just a fresh start; You are not alone. You are here; together with your neighbors. And we’re all searching for that same thing. Where we belong. Where we fit. Searching for our place.

A few neighborhoods we love

Oak ParkMidtown • Boulevard Park • Downtown • East Sacramento • McKinley ParkCurtis ParkLand Park • South Land Park • Tahoe Park • Arden-Arcade • West Sacramento