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Charming Small Towns in the Sacramento Region

By Sam Allen

The Holiday Season makes us want to slow down (a hard thing to do over here at Grounded Real Estate), simplify, and dream of simpler times. Sacramento offers many enchanting historic small towns that are perfect for transporting our imaginations to the simpler times of yesteryear. These charming towns, with their roots in the early 20th century or even before, offer a unique glimpse into the region’s past and a chance to explore some of the most picturesque and culturally rich areas in our vicinity. Here’s a list of our four favorite charming small towns in the Sacramento region.

Charming Small Towns in the Sacramento Region.

Folsom – A Step Back in Time:

  • Founded: 1850s
  • Highlights:
    • Historic Folsom District: A vibrant area with antique shops, museums, and the famous Folsom Prison Museum. During the Christmas season there’s an outdoor ice rink in the historic district with outdoor fire pits!
    • Outdoor Activities: Enjoy kayaking, biking, and exploring the scenic Folsom Lake.
  • Real Estate Insight: Folsom combines historical charm with modern amenities, high-paying jobs and high-rated schools making it a sought-after location for homebuyers seeking a blend of the old and new.

Fair Oaks – A Village Atmosphere:

  • Founded: 1895
  • Highlights:
    • Fair Oaks Village: Known for its roaming chickens, quaint shops, and annual events including the annual Vintage Christmas. More events HERE.
    • Parks and Nature: The town is surrounded by natural beauty and adjacent to the American River with its epic 32 mile long bike trail, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Real Estate Insight: Fair Oaks offers a unique village-like living experience, ideal for those looking for a close-knit community feel while still within reach of greater Sacramento amenities.

Placerville – The Heart of Gold Country:

  • Founded: 1848
  • Highlights:
    • Historic Main Street: Home to Gold Rush-era buildings, boutiques, and local eateries. Visit for more activities.
    • Wine Tasting: Explore nearby vineyards and sample local wines.
  • Real Estate Insight: Placerville’s rich history and proximity to wineries make it a great place for those who appreciate California’s Gold Rush heritage and the finer things in life.

Auburn – A Gateway to the Past:

  • Founded: 1848
  • Highlights:
    • Old Town Auburn: A picturesque area with historical landmarks and unique shops.
    • Outdoor Recreation: Located near the American River, it’s perfect for hiking, fishing, and rafting. Also halfway to the North Shore of pristine Lake Tahoe. Plan a perfect day-trip at
  • Real Estate Insight: Auburn offers a mix of historical sites and outdoor adventures, attracting homebuyers who want a balance of history and nature.

Charming small towns in the Sacramento region are not just places to visit; they are communities rich in history and culture, offering unique lifestyles. Whether you are interested in a home with a storied past, a historic neighborhood in the urban core, or a place close to nature, these towns have something special to offer. At Grounded Real Estate, we’re passionate about finding the perfect home for you in these charming locales. Contact us to explore the possibilities!