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Grounded’s First Annual Park(ing) Day!

By Sam Allen

One hot September evening, Grounded set out to do some light civil disobedience. We begged, borrowed, and bought supplies from local businesses to create… our first ever Park(ing) Day celebration!  

Founded in San Francisco, Park(ing) Day is an unofficial holiday celebrating urban design for people. Every year in September, citizens around the world commandeer parking spots and transform them into mini parks, seating areas, and art displays. It’s a vibrant, funky way to bring attention to how much “car-space” could potentially be turned into “human-space” in many cities.

With so many design-junkies and city development professionals in our office, we thought it was high time Grounded joined the fun. Agent Denny provided some rugs and an awning from home, Strapping Store loaned us some furniture, and Plant Foundry provided a nice selection of potted plants. Then, we got creative and made a beautiful, Boho living room in a parking spot.

Actually, it was a little harder than just “getting creative.” It was hot and windy and the traffic was really bad that day. The awning fell down like three times. We had to move it to a safer location so people wouldn’t get run over by the angry traffic. But, Denny rallied our team, we strapped down the unruly awning, rolled out the rugs…and it looked good!

Conscious Creamery, a vegan gelato company, also set up shop with their treat cart. The sight of an ice cream vendor and a cozy living room on the street slowly drew visitors. Over the next couple of hours, neighbors and friends stopped by to eat gelato pops and sit a spell as the sun set. It was just the sort of neighborly scene we had hoped for while planning Park(ing) Day. Who knew breaking the rules could be so rewarding?

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